Zach Schwartz (LMNOP) the self-taught instrumentalist and producer from Los Angeles, has always had a very personal relationship with music. Growing up in the eclectic Los Angeles music scene, he derives his sound from his hometown, with a feeling in his music of the ever-present desire to be transported back in time to his childhood.

As one who respects the power of collaboration, Schwartz has built an audience based on his uncanny ability to co-create with a family of artists and producers such as Fat Tony, Yung Jake, Lando Chill and many more. His music smoothly combines the different genres and positive experiences he’s encountered throughout his life and offers listeners a unique blend of electronic, hip-hop, and pop for the modern music scene.

With a catalog of independent releases, Schwartz is set to influence new listeners with exciting collaborations and solo releases throughout 2019. Through his music, he aims to continue his purpose of inspiring creativity and playfulness in his listeners.

I once saw Zach Schwartz, also known as my big angel boy, eat a hot dog on a street corner in Los Angeles, and it was like watching an angel eat a star, which is also how I would describe his music.

If you regularly wonder what your dog is thinking about when he watches tv or if the inside of a lizards mouth is smooth or rough, then I think you’ll understand Zach Schwartz and the music he makes in his bedroom.

A smooth LA boy? No, but he loves his mom and he makes cool beats that leave me thinking about swimming in a bowl of Crunch Berries, teen love, and reptiles in cowboy hats.
Like his music, Schwartz is clean and has good hygiene
— Sara Jo Nelson